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      We believe our youth can learn to be responsible, productive members of society.

We give our community creative ways to be a part of the successes of their youth.

We collaborate with businesses and partner with like organizations/programs to raise awareness of the   strengths for employing those with disadvantages and to promote youth leadership.
We provide education/training/paid employment and sometimes job placement for our disadvantaged youth through a structured vocational program.
We promote art, music, and creativity through our events, gallery space, and our environment.

     We believe in a community that supports and empowers our disadvantaged youth. 

We also have quality crafted coffee from the oldest gourmet roaster in Kansas City!

Would you like a cup of our fresh roasted coffee?

     We believe in a community where people with and without disabilities work hand in hand.


    We believe creative, safe, inspiring environments spark innovative ideas and promote quality work.

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